Apple Is Expanding Familiar Platforms

In the latest week that has elapsed the company by the name of Apple has introduced not only a new iPhone but also a new and improved iPad. Traditionally, this duel unveil would be seen as a kind of blockbuster news in the tech world and it would be assumed that there was some new bell or whistle that would be coupled that worked in conjunction with the both of them. This was not the case, nor did Apple even intend for this to happen, it just kind of happen some experts say. This is due to the fact that both announcements were tactical business moves, products which lack break through technology but aim to appeal but both the owner of old Apple products, which is their bread and butter, because when people buy 2 Apple products in their lives it appears they are hooked and are in the stable for life. But this was something Apple was trying to do in a new way, which is go after the new people. They lack of breakthrough in these products was actually maybe part of the thing. The point being that if the technology was lacking, perhaps leaving it as the reveal of the story would divert people from seeming the lack of appeal. This has big international implications. gghg

To kick things off, is the iPhone SE

This is the large screen smartphone have been wildly popular and this is Apple’s own very strong sales exploded over the last could of months when it began making the iPhone with a 4.7 inch and even 5.5 inch screen it was considered to be correspondingly large bodies-than it had before. But the company noticed primarily as some of the Apple loyal were just handing onto their own originally small iPhone 5 series models so they could have the opportunity to upgrade in the big way. The reason being the big display seems to be the trajectory of what people want from their devices. We see that people are starting to in a large way want to watch videos and unlock their potential in a lot of different ways, but they also do not want to be restricted to the largeness of a tablet. The lage 5-5.5 inch display phones seems to be what the future is, but we shall see.

bbnUp next on the order is a 9.7-inch iPad Pro this beauty came out last fall and has a huge, 12.9 inch iPad with the option of the snap-on key board which is going to make a lot of waves. Microsoft has been effectively leaving Apple in the dust in this regard because they started. All this said Apple really needs to step up its game and innovate again. Since the post Jobs era it seems like they are trying to as a manner of speaking hold onto a block of ice without it going away. The problem is, its inevitable, unless they do something other than just hold it that puppy is going to melt. But if we know whats good we know its Apple.


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