Computing Competition Even Bigger in 2016

Seven fully autonomous computers are trying to face off this rear in a historic battle in Las Vegas early next month as each team tries to defend themselves and point out flaws without any human control. This is the biggest year by far, and has implications as to what the future of sport and competition will likely be in the United States and across the world going forward. What we can see is that now that Vegas has caught wind of this and is starting to see big moneysfgdsafg potential we can be sure that this trend is only going to get more robust and crazy for the American consumer. What we see is that there has been a real fundamental shift into the sensibilities of the American sport viewer. The reason being is that at the heart of this trend is the notion that safety is king, and for most of the historically most popular sports they are kind of undermined entirely from the decision making process. Lets consider what are the big money grabbers in Las Vegas sports gambling today, there is football which year after year is getting less and less kinds to sign up and participate in the pop warren program which will ultimately become a smaller aspect of the American experience. The other one is the sport of Boxing which may have had its final coffin nail last year in the form of the highly publicized and ultimately disappointing brute between Floyd Mayweather, and Manny Paquieo. The fight was being deemed the fight of the century but didn’t deliver. For this and many other reasons the American competitive better wants something and is getting noting.

Enter the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge whose finals take place in on August 4 right in the middle of the two biggest hacking conferences Blackhat USA and DEFCON, which is possibly proving that machines can beat even the best humans hackers. “Cyber grand challenge is about bringing autonomy to the cyber domain, what we hope to see is proff that the entire security life cycle can be automated.” Says an organizer of the event. He goes on to mutter that, “The machines have to comprehend the language of the software author the logic for that software, write their own network client, and arrive at the path of the new vulnerabilities entirely on their own.” Its kind of funny because the people who see the value in this and are competing heavily to this end are kind of striding towards their own obsolescence and necessity in their respective fields. That may be a real concern for the future but for the people who compete now their is a few things on their mind but mostly cashing in big time. Sure the 2 million dollar prize is nice but what about 750,000 dollars every year as an employee of a top defense firm. That is what you are likely to receive if you play your cards right in this regard so for them they want to cash checks now and ask questions later.


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